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Pakalana Vine 6"
Palapalai Fern 6"
Panax 6"
Papaya 4"
Pentas 6"
Perilla Magilla 6"
Pikake 6"
Pineapple Lily 6"
Pines 6"
Plectranthus 6"
Plumeria 6"
Poha 6"
Poinsettia 4"
Poinsettia 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 8"
Puakenikeni 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 8"



Puakenikeni Giant

Name: Puakenikeni Giant
Size: 8"
Availability: occasionally
Light: full sun
Description: These cutting grown plants will grow into a beautiful tree that produces giant sweet smelling white flowers (about 2-3 times as large as the normal puakenikeni) that can be used for leis. After picking the flowers will change from white to yellow to orange.

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