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Pakalana Vine 6"
Palapalai Fern 6"
Panax 6"
Papaya 4"
Pentas 6"
Perilla Magilla 6"
Pikake 6"
Pineapple Lily 6"
Pines 6"
Plectranthus 6"
Plumeria 6"
Poha 6"
Poinsettia 4"
Poinsettia 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 8"
Puakenikeni 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 8"




Name: Poinsettia
Size: 4"
Availability: Christmas
Light: grown in full sun. ok to bring indoors while blooming
Description: One of the most popular holiday plant, the poinsettia can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season. The colorful bracts come in reds, whites, pinks and marbles.

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