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Pakalana Vine 6"
Palapalai Fern 6"
Panax 6"
Papaya 4"
Pentas 6"
Perilla Magilla 6"
Pikake 6"
Pineapple Lily 6"
Pines 6"
Plectranthus 6"
Plumeria 6"
Poha 6"
Poinsettia 4"
Poinsettia 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 8"
Puakenikeni 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 8"



Pineapple Lily

Name: Pineapple Lily
Size: 6"
Availability: April
Light: grown in full sun. ok to bring indoors while blooming
Description: This bulb plant produces flowers that look like small pineapples. They will go dormant after flowering but will come back year after year.

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