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Pakalana Vine 6"
Palapalai Fern 6"
Panax 6"
Papaya 4"
Pentas 6"
Perilla Magilla 6"
Pikake 6"
Pineapple Lily 6"
Pines 6"
Plectranthus 6"
Plumeria 6"
Poha 6"
Poinsettia 4"
Poinsettia 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 8"
Puakenikeni 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 8"




Name: Papaya
Size: 4"
Availability: all year
Light: full sun
Description: Papaya starters can be easily transferred to any garden or larger container. Papaya trees are common in Hawaii and the climate suits this tree very well. Fruit will often appear within a year.

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