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Pakalana Vine 6"
Palapalai Fern 6"
Panax 6"
Papaya 4"
Pentas 6"
Perilla Magilla 6"
Pikake 6"
Pineapple Lily 6"
Pines 6"
Plectranthus 6"
Plumeria 6"
Poha 6"
Poinsettia 4"
Poinsettia 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 6"
Poinsettia Mexican 8"
Puakenikeni 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 6"
Puakenikeni Giant 8"




Name: Panax
Size: 6"
Availability: all year
Light: full sun/partial sun
Description: Panax, also known as Aralia, makes a nice foliage plant for indoors or outdoors. The various shapes, colors, and forms of the leaves make an interersting contrast in the garden and brings in color when there are no blooms.

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