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Abutilon 6"
Alstromeria 6"
Amaryllis 8"
Angelonia 6"
Annuals 4"
Aster 6"
Australian Tree Fern 6"
Azalea 5"
Adenium (Desert Rose) 6"
African Violet 4"
Agapanthus 6"
Agapanthus Premium 6"
Aloe Vera 4"



Adenium (Desert Rose)

Name: Adenium (Desert Rose)
Size: 6"
Availability: occasionally
Light: full sun
Description: Adenium is collected by many people for their many different color of flowers and uniquely shaped forms. Adeniums form a wide base/stem as they get older. Their tubular, 5 petal flowers bloom throughout the growing season. They drop their leaves during the winter. We grow the red variety.

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